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The Association between Patient Characteristics and the Efficacy of Remote Patient Monitoring and Messaging

Clinical abstract
Johannes Ferstad, Priya Prahalad, David M Maahs, Emily B. Fox, Ramesh Johari, and David Scheinker
Diabetes, Volume 71
Publication year: 2022

A Platform for the Personalized Management of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease at Population Scale With Data From Multiple Sensors

Clinical abstract
Ransalu Senanayake, Johannes Ferstad, Isha Thapa, Flavia Giammarino, Megana Vasu, Dessi Zaharieva, Priya Prahalad, David M Maahs, David N Rosenthal, Fatima Rodriguez, Nicholas Bambos, Daniel Miller, Andrew Shin, Stephen J Roth, Carlos Guestrin, Emily B Fox, and David Scheinker
Circulation, Volume 146
Publication year: 2022

Information Fusion and Uncertainty Management for Biological Multisensor Systems

Other publication
Jerome J. Braun, Yan Glina, David W. Stein, Peter Skomoroch, & Emily B. Fox
Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 5813
Publication year: 2005

Multisensor Information Fusion for Biological Sensor Networks and CBRN Detection

Other publication
Jerome J. Braun, Yan Glina, David W. Stein, & Emily B. Fox
Conference on Science and Technology Chem-Bio Information Systems
Publication year: 2004